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We're your HR IT consulting partner
with experience for excellence.

Official Partner

Hello! We are talessio.

We digitalize, transform, and simplify your HR. We design your HR IT solution. We get it up and running, integrated, and maintained.

Our Mission

talessio is a consultancy firm specializing in HR digitalization and transformation, talent management, human capital management, and Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) consulting and implementation. We provide the entire portfolio of services for your HR IT endeavour, focussing on delivering quality in all aspects.

With years of experience, best practices across all industries from large multinational organizations to local mid-size companies, with lots of creativity, and some tricks and even magic here and there — we‘d love to be your implementation and consulting partner with experience for excellence.

We plan & prepare

Employees are the most valuable asset of an organization. We help you design your future talent management and HR IT strategy, keeping your vision in mind and an eye on your processes to increase your employee’s engagement.

  • Talent Management Strategy

  • HR IT Strategy, Architecture & Landscape
  • HR Process Review & Optimization
  • Requirement Analysis & Documentation
  • Market Research & Solution Review
  • Software & Vendor Selection

We consult & implement

IT needs to be a helpful tool, not a burden. We translate your HR processes into efficient and easy-to-use solutions, provide HR and IT consulting, take care of configuration, integration and interfaces.

  • Cornerstone Consulting & Implementation

  • Functional Configuration & Optimization
  • Technical Integration & Interfaces
  • Configuration Review & Enhancements
  • Data Migration & Transformation
  • Project Management & Governance

We train & support

Change happens, and solutions need to keep up with that. We run change management and upskilling services, ongoing support, maintenance, consulting, application management and process outsourcing services.

  • Change Management & Internal Marketing

  • Custom Training & Documentation
  • Support, Maintenance & Consulting
  • Application & Release Management
  • Outsourced Administration & End User Support
  • Business & Deployment Support

We are your partner for full implementations from start to finish. We provide all services required and tailor a selection of our services to your unique needs.

We listen, ask many questions, and advise in our client’s best interest, always focussing on quality. Yet, we’re agile enough to deliver in a short turnaround time.

Our Focus

We are translators and facilitators between HR and IT. We aim to bring them together at home in both worlds to help you achieve your goals.

The HR side of talent management does not just cover one aspect but spans all phases of the employee lifecycle in your organization. Only a holistic approach creates transparency and engagement and allows you to leverage the full potential of your team.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Crucial to your growth is finding the right employees and integrating them quickly into your organization.

Learning & Development

Key to success is developing your employees in order to make knowledge productive in your organization.

Performance & Succession

The best way of retaining talents is identifying and encouraging them and establishing successors early on to avoid any disruptions.

Compensation & Benefits

The secret recipe for motivating and engaging employees is honoring performance and offering benefits in various means.

The IT side of talent management is primarily based on a wisely governed use of data. Essential to gaining the trust of your employees is transparency and respecting all security and compliance regulations, as well as taking into account all legal, data protection, GDPR and works council needs.

Master Data Management

Managing employee master data easily and efficiently while ensuring security and appropriate access rights is the basis of HR IT.

Reporting & Analytics

Whether measuring KPIs, identifying trends or simply building statistics: data is there to be understood, not to be cryptic.

Data Migration & Transformation

Migrating data between IT systems is like translating a poem: it can't be done word by word, but you must respect the meaning.

IT Integrations & Interfaces

Whether you go for best of breed or integrated solutions: no IT system is and island. Success means wisely built integrations.

Our Experience

We enjoy learning something new each day and contributing our experience to your success.

What we can contribute

consulting, project and change management
HR IT, Talent Management, Human Capital Management
Cornerstone Consulting and Implementation
0 +
worldwide ranging from 300 to 65.000 employees
incl. services, technology, pharmaceutical, finance, etc.

Recommended by the Best

Our team is proud to serve as a trusted partner and advisor to clients that span many industries and sizes, from local mid-size companies to international and worldwide organizations.

Michael and his team at talessio are our irreplaceable jokers. With Michael's 8+ years' experience, his broad knowledge about HR processes, his profound technical understanding and his clarity in communication, you probably won't find a single individual with more expertise to support your endeavours with Cornerstone.

Our Values

We believe in close and open collaboration with our clients and partners.

Open Communication

We ask many questions. And we talk with you instead of keeping quiet about critical points.

Individual Understanding

We want to understand you. Because even with similarities, every client is different.

Long-term Focus

We think in projects. Still, we do not want your success to end with the project.

Customized Approach

We are experienced. We have the experience to know that no one fits into a fixed scheme.